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Brownie-Bite Display

Mom came to me with a small sketch and asked if there was a way to make a display for brownie bite cupcakes for her glass cake display.  Yeah, there is.

Laser-cut ply glued together in layered sections, with a dowel socketed in laser-cut holes.  A little family flourish around the lower edge, a coat of water-based poly, and it looks pretty good.

Knit-Gift Frame


fig 1: Frame in position

Received a set of custom-knit Who-themed washcloths and soap as a gift from talented knitting friend Cyl.  I mentioned that it would be a shame to keep them tucked away when not in use, and she gave me a tip that simple cup-hooks would keep them close at hand, and available for use when needed.

fig 2: “EXTERMINATE!” (click for bigger)

I took the idea one step further, and made a frame for them to sit in.  Cup hooks are screwed into a fairly simple Cedar frame.

Detail in the stitching is lost when light strikes it perpendicular to the plane of the frame, so the whole thing placed on a wall in the bathroom where light can strike it from the side.