Aperture Science Test Chamber Sign

20160626_224625Saw someone online made an Aperture Science Labs test chamber sign, and figured I could do it too.  Cut the graphics out on the vinyl cutter, and applied it to TAP Plastics LED diffusion material, and put plexiglass in front of that (the LED diffusion material is fairly thin).  Made a wood box, and burned up a whole five-meter roll of LED tape on the inside.


20160626_224639Problems arose, however, when I figured that a 1A power supply would handle all that LED tape.  After about 10 minutes, the power supply got really hot, and I finally did the math and found out that I’d need at the minimum a 3A power supply.

I initially used less LED tape, but the sign is so thin that you could see the gaps between the tape through the diffusion material.  In the future, I will probably use a little less tape, then put a sheet of diffusion material directly over the LEDs to help diffuse it a bit before it gets to the front panel.