A Bench

fig 1: a bench

Ellen’s porch bench got worn out and busted, so I got commissioned to construct a new one.  She picked out a style from this page of benches, and I got the supplies and threw one together.

Constructing it meant that I finally had to get around to buying a pocket hole jig, which wasn’t as cheap as I felt it should be (even from Harbor Freight).  However, after using it for the first time, I lamented how long I’ve gone without having one.  It’s pretty darned handy, and I wish I made the investment sooner.

The bench was finished with a satin polyurethane, which really brought out a rich gold in the yellow pine.  Not so much in the dimensional-lumber parts of the bench frame, though.

fig 2: a brief respite


Finished it up by cutting a stencil and spraypainting a requested saying on the back slats of the bench.  Came out pretty darned sharp.