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BPAL Scent Index – Proof of Concept

I have a friend that collects perfumes.  Lots of perfumes.  She showed me a perfume storage box on Etsy she had her eye on, and I thought I would rip off the design wholesale, and give it as a gift.

IMG_1293After creating a copy of Millinginline’s design in Sketchup, I started making modifications to it.  After an hour, I had a design that was all my own.  Millinginline’s design is made for compact ease-of-accessability, and features ‘bonus’ storage for odds and ends.  My design, however, holds standard 5ml bottles only, and would fan all the perfumes out at once.  I dubbed it The Peacock.

Got to work on the proof-of-concept.  It took forever to drill all the recessed holes for the perfumes to sit in, as the thing holds 150 5ml bottles of perfume.  There are two sets of doors on each side that are mirrored copies of each other.  One side of each panel is longer to act as a ‘kickstand’ to keep the box from tipping to the left or right.  Unfolded, the wingspan is pretty impressive.

IMG_1294I also noted that when folded up, there’s an unsightly gap between each ‘page’ of the Scent Index.  Something I’ll need to remedy before making the finished product.