Roller Derby Equipment Rack


For her birthday, I gave Sara a good-for-one-project coupon.  A while later, she redeemed it for a rack she saw online that would hold all the gear it takes to participate in roller derby bouts.

IMG_20150925_180541I sketched out a template to use on paper, then did my best to transfer it to some cheap plywood.  It came out okay, but I wasn’t getting straight, clean lines with my jigsaw.  With some re-jiggering, I sketched out a design in Illustrator that was slightly smaller so that I could then cut the side arms out on the CNC machine.

IMG_20150925_180605Using my tetris skills, I was able to arrange the parts out so that I could cut all the parts I needed out of one sheet of 2’x4′ plywood.  This way, I could knock out four racks from one sheet of expensive birch ply.

IMG_20150919_164721Coated the whole thing in tung oil, then cut logo decals on the vinyl cutter.  The smaller ‘wrecker’ emblem logo was too complex for vinyl, so I headed over to Schenk’s to laser-engrave the logo into a disc that would fit into a pocket that was carved out by the CNC.  This way, if Sarah is promoted into one of the top-tier leagues, the emblem can be replaced with her current league logo.